Tech & Cyber Advisory

Our independent consultants in the Technology and Cyber Advisory space have vast experience providing cyber security and technology assessments for both private and public sector companies. This includes publicly quoted companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Digital transformation and integration is fast becoming the order of the day. Technology Operating models need to rapidly evolve for companies to make sense of the 22nd century. Most companies are requiring some form of technology transformation to migrate from the legacy way of doing things so as to adapt and tap into this new digital generation.

On Cyber security, there is a growing misconception among startups and SMEs believing they are immune to cyber attacks. What our Independent Consultants have found out is Startups and SMEs are one of the easiest targets for unethical hackers. This cannot be a back burner issue anymore and should be an integrated part of a companies’ strategy.

Sample Projects
• IT Digital Transformation Project
• Cybersecurity Assessment
• Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of a Web Application
• Network Single Point of Failure Assessment
• IT Due Diligence

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